Blindside Espresso | 2 time Golden Bean Medal Winner

Blindside Espresso | 2 time Golden Bean Medal Winner

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*Update 10.20.20 - We have now starting receiving our Fresh Harvest Arrivals from this years Ethiopian and Guatemalan crops. We are transitioning these new crop coffees into our offerings including our Blindside Espresso. All orders placed starting October 23rd will be roasted using these new crop coffees.

Producer: Small Lot Producers 
Country of Origin: Ethiopia | Colombia
Region: Gorbota | Huila
Cultivar: Mixed Hierloom | Bourbon
Process: Natural | Washed/Sun Dried
Elevation: 1800 – 2100 MASL
Harvest: 2020
Roast Level: Light/Medium
Tasting Notes: Honey | Syrupy | Caramel

Suggested Parameters
Our Blindside Espresso is roasted to a light/medium level to help accentuate its bright acidity, syrupy body and wonderful sweetness. Our suggested parameter is:

18 grams dry | 38 - 40 grams wet | 29 - 31 seconds total extraction time | 200 Degrees F

Our Blindside espresso is a new seasonal blend for those that appreciate a sweeter espresso with great clarity in its acidity.