Blindside Espresso | 2 time Golden Bean Medal Winner

Blindside Espresso | 2 time Golden Bean Medal Winner

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*Update 9.14.2019 - Our New Blindside Espresso just won two bronze medals at the 2019 Golden Bean: North American Roasting Championships in the Espresso and Espresso with Milk categories

Producer: Small Lot Producers 
Country of Origin: Ethiopia | Colombia
Region: Gorbota | Huila
Cultivar: Mixed Hierloom | Bourbon
Process: Natural | Washed/Sun Dried
Elevation: 1800 – 2100 MASL
Harvest: 2019
Roast Level: Light/Medium
Tasting Notes: Honey | Syrupy | Caramel

Suggested Parameters
Our Blindside Espresso is roasted to a light/medium level to help accentuate its bright acidity, syrupy body and wonderful sweetness. Our suggested parameter is:

18 grams dry | 38 - 40 grams wet | 29 - 31 seconds total extraction time | 200 Degrees F

Our Blindside espresso is a new seasonal blend for those that appreciate a sweeter espresso with great clarity in its acidity.